If you live in the UK and don’t live in permanent hiding from matters political, you’ve probably noticed that the snap General Election happens during our event.

So if you’re entitled to vote in UK general elections, are inclined to do so, and will be away from home doing more important things by being with us, it’s not too late to register for a postal vote. To my mind, the process is cumbersome, ¬†Some local authorities will allow you to print, fill in, sign, scan and email; but others (including our local authority here) do not allow registration by electronic means, so that means allowing time to print and post in the mail.

The deadline is 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday May 23). 


You can also apply for a Proxy Vote in which someone else you nominate can vote on your behalf.

The deadline for this is 5pm on May 31.

You can find all the details here.

…and thanks to delegate Mark Goldthorpe for reminding us to remind you!