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PLEASE NOTE that the Solar and Upper Solar are not wheelchair-accessible, for which we apologise.

Wednesday, June 7

TimeGreat Hall
15.30Registration (tea/coffee)
16.30Welcome by Dr Jon Rae, Head of School, Schumacher College
16.40Keynote: Prof. Wendy Wheeler This mighty sum of things for ever speaking”: Biosemiotic Meaning-making in Nature, Science and Culture [abstract] [keynotes page]
18.00White Hart Bar open until 23.30
19.00Conference Dinner (pre-booking essential)
21.00Keynote performance Dougie Strang Badger Dissonance (performance on Private Lawn) [abstract] [keynotes page]


Thursday,  June 8

TimeGreat Hall Upper Solar
9.45Lori Diggle Asemic writing: lacuna, gesture, trace, erasure on a sacred site in CornwallWorkshops Group A (locations vary, runs from 09.45 to 11.15) Pre-booking required for all workshops BOOK HERE
Workshop: Deborah Black - Viewpoints Improvisation: Postmodernism and the Landscape (max 12)
Workshop: Camilla Nelson - Exploding Human Language (max 14)
10.15Nancy Miller Circle: Interpreting a Neolithic Passage Tomb through Poetry and Dance
10.45Stephan Harding Towards an Animistic Science
11.45Paul Reid-Bowen Welcome to the Cthulhucene! Towards a new animist bestiary for the 21st centuryFelix Prater Pests
12.15Louise Livingstone Learning to dialogue with Nature through the thought of the heart Laura Cooper Lure
12.45Susanne Karr Connectedness as source of instructionCherie Sampson Let a Sleeping Bear Lie
14.30Keynote 2: Dr Alyson Hallett The Stones Beneath My Feet and the Stones Above My Head. On stones, love and disturbing strangeness [keynotes page]
15.30Workshops Group B (locations vary) Pre-booking required for all workshops BOOK HERE
Workshop: Tony Whitehead - Other Voices (max 10)
Workshop: John Hartley - Nonlinear River (max 12)
Workshop: Richard Lewis - genius loci: connecting with Dartington's ancient woods (max 12)
Workshop: Silvia Battista: Writing with/in the body/flesh/landscape (max 9)
Workshop: Stuart Mugridge: running a #DartingtonLangscape" (run: max 6; workshop: max 15)
18.00End of session
18.30DINNER (on your own) White Hart Bar open until 23.30 [information]
20.00Jaime Robles: Landscape Speaks to Movement (performance on Private Lawn)
20.45 to 22.45Film screenings [Upper Solar]: artists introduce their film work, including Gustaf Broms showing MAHAPRALAYA, Hanna Tuulikki's cloud-cuckoo-island, Lori Diggle's Anchorhold, Cherie Sampson's Let a Sleeping Bear Lie, Lure by Laura Cooper, Animate Earth by Stephan Harding, Common Dandelion by Jo Clarkson and Sabine Kussmaul's Moving Lines.
23.30Workshop Overnight sit with Tony Whitehead by the River Dart

Friday,  June 9

TimeGreat Hall Upper Solar
9.45Mat Osmond - An Underswell of Divination: Ted Hughes’ & Leonard Baskin’s Crow, and the obscure ecology of collaborative authorshipWorkshops Group C (locations vary and all workshops run from 09.45 to 11.15) Pre-booking required for all workshops BOOK HERE
Workshop: Laura Denning - Primordial Soup (max 10)
Workshop: Laura Cooper & Hermione Spriggs - Underwood (max 10)
Workshop: Patricia Brien & Tatia Nichols-Arlès - Writing and Being Written – a text(ile) workshop in 2D and 3D (max 10)
10.15Jude Allen - Human/animal transformation in twentieth century Literature
10.45Christos Galanis - Speaking with Yew Trees and Mountains: Two Contemporary 'Whisperers' and their Experiences in Non-Human Communication
12.00Susan Richardson Tongue of Seal (presentation/performance-in-progress)Panel based on this proposal by Bethany Reivich Lila: The interpenetration of myth with divine play.

If you'd like to offer a short presentation in this panel please contact us.
12.30Oliver Raymond-Barker - Beyond tongues: an exploration into the animist language of stone
13.00PechaKucha - short artist presentations, including:
Melinda Rackham
Jo Clarkson
Sara Mark
14.30Facilitated discussion / closing event/Ceremony
15.45Conference ends (London train departs 16.29; train to North departs 16:51)



In the Garden Room Gallery, an exhibition by Jan O’Highway (Following the summit, please join us for a Reception/Meet the Artist for this exhibition on Friday June 9 from 17.30 to 19.30.


Hangout space / Information space

Between the Great Hall and the Upper Solar is the Solar, which will be a space for quiet meetings or for putting out your literature and information. Use at any time.