Tony Whitehead


Other Voices

Group B (June 8, 15.30 – 18.00))

Limit: 10

1 places remaining

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Tony Whitehead has been running a series of listening and stillness walks (Other Voices) in the build-up to the conference. These have been held at a secret location on Dartmoor. Read about them here. He will lead a listening event to introduce and re-connect you to the diverse voices of the birds and other animals we share our days with, but often pass unheard.

Tony has had a lifelong interest in birds and wildlife. He has worked for RSPB for over twenty years in a variety of roles from managing nature reserves, running environmental educations projects to managing the charity’s communications in the south west. His passion is for the sounds of birds and how people can be encouraged to connect to nature through listening to and learning the “language” of wildlife.