Stuart Mugridge RUN


running a #DartingtonLangscape

Group B (June 8, 15.30 – 18.00))

Limit: 6

3 places remaining

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The workshop comprises two interlinked parts:

1) a four-mile (6.5km) run on trails and paths within the gently undulating landscape surrounding Dartington Hall (max. group size 6);

2) 30-minute post-run performative participatory activity (max. group size 15).[NB the run will be taken at a gentle pace but it is not necessary to participate in the run to be part of the post-run activity.]

Embracing the Cynic doctrine of “defacing the currency,” this activity will explore how physical exertion and landscape can alter our language and words. This is not about (necessarily) communicating with landscape as in a conversation but instead is talking with landscape where the “with” becomes a form of through (with-of). Much maybe lost or altered in translation but that is part of the commitment.
In a local sense the run (in particular) will explore the language of a Dartington landscape, wherein toponyms become material for exploration—Thistlepark, Stillpool, Staverton Ford—and are enmeshed with the language of running and the patterns of breathing and speech brought about through exertion.

We will trade in homophones, neologisms and repetitions as language and words get broken down and re-conglomerated with the Dartington topography.
These actions return a sensuality to the language—the sensuality of the tongue (fr. langue) is re-inserted into language—as the distance between language and landscape is at once exploited and dismantled. The post-run activity (allowing non-runners to participate in the work) will extend the run’s work into a form of group langscape shaping.

NOTE if you are participating in part 1 you should be fit enough to undertake a four-mile run on uneven terrain. Check the main workshops page for more details as they emerge.