Silvia Battista


Writing with/in the body/flesh/landscape

Group B (June 8, 15.30 – 18.00))

Limit: 9


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This workshop will engage with writing as a collective effort that includes human and non-human influences, with a maximum of nine participants.

Creative writing, when orchestrated collectively via a set of instructions aimed to embed it in the surrounding landscape, it becomes a method, a strategy for accessing and narrating perceptive experiences that hint toward the more than human.

Here, leaves, grass, trees, meadows, insects all contribute to the activity of writing as a collective human and non-human possibility. By playing with timely alternated instances of silence, listening, writing, reading, touching, smelling, gazing, writing and reading again perception is manipulated, manifesting its performative qualities.

This method gradually embeds writing into the landscape of the senses, attuning it with the pluralities of sensations traversing the permeable confines dividing the self from all ‘the others’ into a continuous exchange between inner and outer sensitivities of human and non-human voices. The fixity of the written word is therefore exchanged for a processual collective reinvention of writing as a creative, imaginative channeling of the pluralities of whispers coming from a landscape which exceeds fixed physical and biological boundaries.

Participants are required to adhere to the given instructions and at the same time to be able to experience creative freedom within the limitations that the instructions provide. Therefore, some degree of experience with meditative and contemplative technologies of the self is expected.