John Hartley


Nonlinear River

Group B (June 8, 15.30 – 18.00))

Limit: 14

2 places remaining

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A collaborative, floating reading of the Dart, that attempts to register a crowded and ever-changing environment of ‘strange strangers’ (Morton, 2010) including the river and the event’s participants.

The event, or act is intentionally pitched into a mode of ambiguity (or indisciplinarity after Ranciere, 2006), that entangles arts practice with academic paper, collective investigation with artwork, the social and the formal, study and play.

It is also draws on the creative reading method of ‘interscription’ developed through the research group Sensing Site. Interscription doesn’t seek an objective, unchanging space from which to securely ‘read’ environment, instead insisting that every reading is implicated in changes to that which is read. It is also intentionally builds in redundant space, eddies and sudden changes of state, in contrast to modernist behavioural geometries of efficiency.

Inhabiting the river as a starting point, practices (including meditation, swimming, looking, reading of scientific and theoretical texts) will be deployed in situ to engage with and entangle waves, oscillations, turbulence, flow, accretion, erosion and collapse. The event will move through a series of stages that encompass directed and directionless, inviting reference and resonance with nonlinear behaviours of different scale brought to visibility by the group.

Rather than a metaphoric device (acting in the place of something that it is not), immersion in the river will be used as a way of reading ways of change that are common to human experience, social and economic structures and more-than-human occurrences.