Deborah Black


Viewpoints Improvisation: Postmodernism and the Landscape

Group A (June 8, 09.45 – 11.15))

Limit: 10


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Viewpoints is a post-modern theory and improvisational practice originated by American choreographer, Mary Overlie. in which encounters with the materials of space, time, shape, emotion, story, and movement encourage somatic knowledge.

Usually Viewpoints is practiced in a studio to encourage performers to notice their assumptions about these materials. In this workshop, we will practice the Viewpoints outside for the same reason. What are our assumptions about our relationship to nature?

The materials of space, time, movement, and shape will be examined through improvisations. The participants will attempt to juggle the relationships between working with the materials and the influence they might receive from the other people and landscape around. This will help them to encounter the reality of observing and participating simultaneously.

Additionally, Overlieā€™s theory of the original anarchist will be discussed and practiced as a principle of care and co-existence.

At the end of the workshop, participants will create instant compositions based on the materials in a group. We will watch one another interact with the materials and perhaps relationships and stories to the land will be revealed.