French artist Pierre Huyghe has long used animals in his work: bees, dogs and fawns frequently roam his elaborate worlds, worlds he creates in gallery and exhibition sites, transforming them into uncanny non-places, places “in-between” nature and culture.

The first solo exhibition of Huyghe’s work in Australia, currently showing at TarraWarra Museum of Art is no exception: the gallery space crawls with spiders and a colony of ants.

Huyghe’s frequent collaborator is a hound with a striking pink foreleg known as Human. Human appears in the eerie film A Way in Untilled (2012), but alas does not make a physical appearance in the TarraWarra exhibition as she did in Huyghe’s dOCUMENTA 13 installation Untilled (2013).

Nonetheless, the film captures elements of this work, in which Human, the animal, appears alongside another dog, a turtle, a beehive enclosing the head of a reclining nude statue, a multitude of insects, algae and other forms of non-human life.

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image: Pierre Huyghe. A Way in Untilled (2012). Film, colour, sound, 14 min. Courtesy the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and Anna Lena Films, Paris.