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Publication callout

Publication We are progressing to the online publication from this event and welcome your contribution. If you were a presenter you are welcome to send a publishable version of your input to the conference. If you showed a film, please let us know if you're happy for...

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In Other Tongues film

A short documentary film made by Rosie Jones. In Other Tongues: a creative summit from Rosie Jones on Vimeo. Film by Rosie Jones Camera: Rosie Jones & Ralph Whitehead Sound: Rosie Jones & Sarah Gray Music Kayne Coy & Oak...

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In Other Tongues @ Dark Mountain

Today Dark Mountain has started a new series about learning to listen to the myriad other voices beyond the human. Inspired by In Other Tongues, a three-day creative summit held this summer in Dartington, UK, we invited six contributors – artists, writers, academics,...

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Realising that all living nature (and not just humans) uses signs and makes meanings, and that many biologists had recognised this, was one of the most exciting discoveries of my life. Prof. Wendy Wheeler

In Other Tongues

creating metaphysics, embodying language: a conference and creative summit June 7-9, 2017

intimate geographies, ecologies of conversation: a residential short course June 10-14, 2017


#othertongues | @artdotearth has a deserved reputation for curating special conference gatherings and other knowledge-sharing events. Our event in June 2017, ‘In Other Tongues’ was no exception with its two distinct parts: an international gathering featuring artists, writers and thinkers from across the UK and well beyond and a five-day residential short course led by poet Alyson Hallett and writer-illustrator Mat Osmond, with special guest Alice Oswald.

We are now preparing a publication from the event, due out in early 2018.

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Two things that excite me about In Other Tongues are the inclusion of both critical intellectual inquiry alongside artistic expression in pursuit of both the troubling and celebrating of non-human communication. Likewise is doing this work in a beautiful setting with access to the river and the land, in a part of the country that I’m drawn to for its spirit and the eco-centred ethic of the local population.

I’m also getting involved because of my positive experience at the Language, Literature & the Sublime conference last year. Your willingness to program and support our crazy idea for the all-night grief ceremony, and the enthusiastic response we received made me feel like this was a venue and a population who were open and supportive of non-traditional conference programming and working with the land there in a way that was not simply using it as a backdrop, but an integral personality within the proceedings.

Christos Galanis

The gap that our modern, Western culture has created between human and animal can often feel unbridgeable. Often, but not always. I’m curious about encounters and experiences that seem to bridge or narrow the gap. In Other Tongues feels like a wonderful opportunity to gather with people who are exploring similar territory, who are bridge-builders and gap-narrowers. The programme looks amazing and I’m very much looking forward to taking part! Dougie Strang (keynote performance artist)


MA Art & Social Practice - Applicants are invited from all creative disciplines to develop practice and critical thinking in social engagement through the... Read more at… @ccanw…

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MA Art & Social Practice - Applicants are invited from all creative disciplines to develop practice and critical thinking in social engagement through the... Read more at @CCANW ...

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Hey all!

Are you interested in bio-hacking practices? are you curious about pushing your identity to the limits and crossing the boundaries of “human”? Check out this 5-day workshop by Quimera Rosa as part of Ecofutures festival

Tue 9 April – Sat 13 Apr 2019
The Art Pavilion
Clinton Rd, London E3 4QY
13:00-18:00 daily
£70-80 for the 5 day workshop / includes material costs / only 10 places available
Ticket link

#ecoartlab #workshop #queerfeminist #tranfeminist #biohack #SFtransplant #ecofutures

By Arts Feminism Queer

@ecofutures @artsfeminismqueer

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#trees are perhaps the most ubiquitous objects in our lives Despite increasing #urbanisation we still feel a powerful tug of something primitive, ghostly even, as we look on a vast #oak or a towering #ash. Join us for June 19-21 @Dartington @forestcommeng ...

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Nick Reeves Award - nominations call - Nick Reeves Award for Arts and the Environment – now open for nominations The award celebrates an artwork, project or field of... Read more at @CCANW ...

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The first of three sensory ecological wanders to creatively explore how it would feel to be the Dart, co guided with Mike Ingram. Drinking in the birdsong, the sound of the river, wind in the trees and all the scents and sensations of the Dart and it's environs. #Dart #creativewriting ~poetry #shinrinyoku The Dartington Hall Trust #RiverDartcharter

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